Online valuation analysis

Stop wasting time setting up valuation spreadsheets models

Easy-to-use online solution:

  • Easily test different assumptions and valuation methods
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) + other valuation methods
  • Informative valuation range analysis
  • Create presentations in no time
  • Online collaboration

Easily create and distribute valuation analysis!

Save a lot of time!

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Valuation analysis

  • - Learn how different scenarios may affect the valuation
  • - Learn about the valuation sensitivities
  • - Test different valuation methods
  • - Fundamental equity analysis
  • - Football field valuation
  • - Valuation range

Estimate fair value

Reporting and presentations

  • - The most informative graphical reports and presentations
  • - Create Business Plan and Financial Plan
  • - Include text, charts, images and videos
  • - Interactive charts
  • - Mobile friendly
  • - Always updatable

Save a lot of time

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Easily test different valuation methods

Testing different methods is just one click away.
If you need to evaluate multiple valuation methods at the same time, you can also use the football field valuation chart

Uncertainty and Probabilities

Easy-to-use full scale Monte Carlo functionality

From Base case valuation to also include Valuation range

and easy to use

Just do the input that is relevant for your analysis, all else is taken care of

All needed analytical functionalities - Easily extend the analysis if needed

Powerful reporting and presentation functionality

Save time!

Powerful reporting and presentation

Interactive charts

Mobile friendly

Easily update reports and presentations

Report example

Spreadsheet compatible

Feel at home with input done in spreadsheet tables which also allow to include formulas

Easily copy to/from Excel and Google sheets


No installation is required - sign up for FREE and you are ready to create your analysis

Share & Colaborate

Invite your collegue(s) to work together on the analysis and when you are done, share analysis report with anyone using a link. The recipients are not required to register!

Save time

Dive into the analysis instead of spending hours and days trying to set up a correct model

Just do the input relevant for your analysis - easily extend if needed

Easily create reports and presentations


Rest assured - your analysis is always correctly calculated!

You can easily download a complete and structured overview of all the assumptions and calculations made - This download can be opened in Excel and Google sheets

Plan for everybody




  • 2 companies

  • Reporting


20€ Monthly

200€ Yearly

  • 1000 companies

  • 2 extra entities per company

  • Premium forecast input alternatives

  • Full Monte Carlo simulation

  • Premium reporting

  • + Other features


100€ Monthly

1 000€ Yearly

  • 1000 companies

  • 20 extra entities per company

  • Football field valuation

  • Loans, rating and debt capacity analysis

  • Currencies and derivatives

  • Comparing scenarios/calculations

  • + All features

How it works

1) Input is done at the bottom half, in spreadsheet tables.

2) Output is selected in the top-left area.

3) Output is viewed in the top-right area.

Then there are many more features that you can gradually use when and if it is needed.

If you want to see the full power, sign up for FREE and try it yourself

How solution looks like
Forecast free cash flow (FCFF)
Forecast revenues and costs

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